This page contains links to several of my media projects, some are available on YouTube, others require RealPlayer:

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The Antikythera Mechanism: A Relic of Ancient Greek Science (2:46): Windows Media Project.

The Lost Voice of Radio Beijing: Broadcasted on WRPI - 91.5 FM (Talking History) (3:25): RealAudio.

The Bloodied Face of Democracy: Radio Beijing Audio from the Tiananmen Square Massacre, June 3, 1989 (1:24): Windows Media Project.

News from the Front: Memories of a World War II Refugee (11:48): Audio documentary streamed onYouTube.

News Clips:

Newsclips: Broadcasted on WAMC - 90.3 FM (5:34): RealAudio.

Uniform Behavior: The Case of Michael New: Broadcasted on WQBK- 1300 AM January 1995 (2:23): RealAudio.

The Gauntlet: Selected segments from a point-counterpoint political debate series broadcasted on WQBK-1300 AM from 1989 to 1990: (10:25) RealAudio

Sound Collages:

American Air: The Sound of the 20th Century (6:13): RealAudio.

American Air: The Sound of the 20th Century (6:13): Windows Media Project.

War, and Rumors of War (1:05): RealAudio.

Other Samples:

Thoughts on Cosmology (4:54): A RealAudio piece related to my research on The Literature of the Copernican Revolution.

1987 Music Video: Kevin Brandow and Divine Right (3:29)

Long before he won a Grammy and a Dove Award, I shot this video for rock musician Kevin Brandow, who went on to play with the band Petra.





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