This page contains links to various research projects I have completed:

Academic, advocacy, instructional, and news and information projects are available for review.




China-Taiwan Conflict Chronology

  • Research project for Military Information Services: A chronology of the major events in the conflict between China and Taiwan from 1945 through 2003.

The Literature of the Copernican Revolution

  • A survey of the scientific literature that changed our view of the universe.

Hildegard von Bingen

  • Visionary Medieval Catholic nun (1098-1179), author, artist, herbalist and musician; later canonized as a saint.

Pen Pals Across the Water

  • A pen pal project for chronically ill children.

PRC-ROC Air Power Monitor

  • Research project for Military Information Services: An interactive map with hyperlinked air and missile bases of the People's Republic of China (Communist China) and the Republic of China (Taiwan). From July 2000.

Star Sectors 7.0

  • Design for a tabletop space combat game.

Web Quest Central

  • Structured online lessons for students in grades 7 and 8.





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